My First Step As A Real Estate Agent

So, I would have to say that starting a career in Real Estate is a HARD, but also rewarding challenge!  I have focused all my energy into a few neighborhoods, learning everything I can about when they were established, type of homes, etc…, pretty much all the things that one wants a Realtor® to know.

What about questions like, what are the schools like? What type of neighborhood is it? Are there many kids and what ages? Is there a Facebook page, or a website to learn more about the neighborhood?

I can honestly say, I have done my research, and I do have answers to these and many other questions. I  know folks who live in the neighborhoods I focus on.  When I purchased my first home in Cecil County it was a long process, I was new to the area and knew no one at all.  At that time, not to age myself, but the school information available in 2001 was not so great, so I started to ask random Moms that I would see at the Library or McDonald’s.  Many would tell me about their neighborhoods and the schools.

Living in the area for 16 plus years, having four children that attend the same schools, living in the neighborhoods I focus on, and having volunteered at these same schools, I have become somewhat of a local expert about the area and what it has to offer.

My area is nestled in the north west corner of Cecil County bordering PA 896 and DE 896.  Want to learn more about the neighborhoods, read next weeks post.